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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

MoFo: Corina Bakery

Corina Bakery is the best, if not only place to get freshly made vegan baked goodies in Tacoma. It is not a vegan bakery, but there are always a couple vegan options and I've been there on days that there were like 4 or 5 different kinds of vegan cakes or cupcakes! They offer a wide selection of teas from local Mad Hat Tea Company, coffee, sweet and savory bakery items, and custom order cakes with a ton of vegan choices. As for the ready to eat items featured daily, they have a specialty menu they rotate through and do cupcakes or cakes with those flavors.
My absolute favorite thing I've tried there has to be The Aztec in mini-cupcake so I don't stuff my face til I'm sick. The Aztec is a "chocolate cake infused with cinnamon, cayenne and ginger with chocolate buttercream and garnished with dried chilli peppers." As I've mentioned before, this is my favorite flavor combination because it is the best flavor combination and I have superb taste. The staff will warn you not to eat the dried chili garnishes because they are so spicy, but I did anyway because I am badass and it is food. Becca's favorite cake is german chocolate, so on her birthday I ordered her one reading "Happy Birthday, You're Not Special," which elicited strange looks from the staff but only because they didn't realize that it is a lyric from the best NOFX birthday song ever! The most recent time we were there, we really enjoyed a mini-pumpkin loaf (my skinny jeans and I really appreciate all the mini items here, I try to only bust out my fat pants and strap on the feed bags for special occasions) which was perfectly moist and spiced. There is always a vegan quinoa cookie on display which intrigues me, but then I see cake and I'm like screw you semi-healthy options I need frosting!
German Chocolate
Pumpkin Loaf

This is an amazing bakery with a delightful staff and I really appreciate how they can veganize nearly anything they offer for custom order. Some of the cakes I've seen pop out of that kitchen are truly works of art; there was recently a tiered cake in the window covered with adorable animals and it was spectacular. The only thing I wish they would offer is rice or hemp milk for coffee, because soy milk makes my throat get all itchy and close up and I think I'm going to die a horrible death. Good thing I love americanos. Also, vegan croissants are a magical unicorn that don't really exist, so I would love for them to make one because I'm too lazy to try.

The Lovely Liz
Corina Bakery

510 6th Avenue
Tacoma WA, 98402

Mon-Fri 8am to 7pm
Sat 8am to 6pm
Sun 9am to 3pm


  1. I want an Aztec cake!!! Sounds freaking great.

  2. i love you for passing the phrase "strap your feed bags on" onto the public!