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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 3: Caffe Dei

Over the month, we are going to cover places with the best vegan options in Tacoma, so we'll kick it off with the new kid in town, Caffe Dei, an all vegetarian/super vegan-friendly cafe on 6th Ave. The firstthing you notice when you walk in is that the owners, Shuanna(vegan/raw foodie) and Shane (vegetarian), and staff are super friendly! They always are full of info and sincerely open to any suggestions to make the cafe even more awesome.
Onto the noms.....The drink menu is creative and unique. Shuanna especially is a true coffee snob in the friendliest and best sense of the word. When we aren't drinking

americanos, our absolute favorite is the picante mocha, which combines cayenne and chocolate, obviously one of the best flavor combinations in the whole world. There is also a delicious lavender syrup which makes for a great latte. Soy and rice milk are available. There is also a wide selection of loose leaf teas.
The food menu has a selection of sandwiches, raw food, a soup of the day, and bagels, nearly all of which are or can be made vegan. Baked goods include selections from Macrina Bakery,
Flying Apron bakery, and Mighty O Donuts. Today we got down and dirty with the BBQ "Pulled Chicken" sandwich, a Daiya grilled cheese, and minestrone soup. Sandwiches comewith a side of chips with the option of adding soup for $2 more. Gluten-free options are available. Caffe Dei also recently expanded on their hours with plans to include beer and wine in the near future. There is a nice amount of seating, free WiFi, and art and jewelry from local artists that frequently rotates. All in all, we love to get fat here.

Caffe Dei
2607 6th Ave
Tacoma, WA 98406
(253) 572-2550

Mon 8am-10pm
Tues thru Fri 7:30am-10pm
Sat 8am-8pm
Sun 8am-pm


  1. Nice review. Invite me to lunch and I'll treat! Connie

  2. I haven't been to Tacoma in a few years, but I've been meaning to head down there. I'll have to check this place out for sure! Have you ever been to the Mighty-O bakery in Seattle? If you get there before noon, they've got all kinds of awesome stuff that's only sold there - maple bars, apple fritters, creme-filled.... rumor has it, they even have a pumpkin spice creme-filled donut. I'm planning on trying to hunt one of those down next week!

  3. I've been to Mighty-O once and it was amazing! Most of the stuff was sold out though because it was right before close. I need to force myself to get up early and make it before noon because maple bars were always my favorite and that pumpkin one sounds insanely good!

  4. I'm visiting Tacoma next spring (got a ton of family there), I will definitely be following your blog to get in the know!

  5. i rarely find myself in tacoma but it's nice to know options exist!

  6. BunzofCinnamon-We've got a list of about 15 places we frequent for vegan food in Tacoma that we are going to try to cover during MoFo so hopefully you'll find some that look good!

  7. Visited Caffe Dei this afternoon at the suggestion of Taylor. Had the BBQ Chicken sandwich. It was delicious as was the BB sauce. Amy was working. She is a delightfully friendly person with a wonderfully infectious bubbly personality.