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Monday, April 5, 2010

Daiya Chz Pizza

Taylor's first Daiya chz experience happened this year! We're pretty excited about it. I tried it a couple times back in November, when I was in Phoenix, and wasn't horribly impressed, but Turnpike Pizza in Seattle carries it now, so we gave it a try... Fucking BOMB!! Go Turnpike for having Daiya...pretty sure it's the only restaurant in Seattle right now to have it...? (taylor will correct me if I'm wrong) We got the Greenlake and the Mojave, but I think all these picts are the Greenlake...oh that's right, vegan pesto drizzled all over the top, baby!! artichoke hearts, sundried tomato, i took the liberty of covering it in red pepper flakes....amazing crust......heaven!! The picture below is what it looked like before I started gnawing on it and covering it in hotness!! Online, I don't think their menu says anything about daiya, but in the store, the menu tells which pizzas you can sub it on, and which ones can be made veg. The Mojave pizza we got was supposed to have chicken, garlic, bell pepper, spicy peppers, and an olive oil base. . .it was good. They had some marinated tofu to take the place of the chx, which I didn't really think was that necessary, and I think maybe they were out of the spicy peppers, cuz it didn't seem spicy at all, it was good. . .but the Greenlake rocked my world!

Heaven. . .

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