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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

VegFest 2010!!!

So we went to the amazing and wonderful stuff-your-face-fest on April 11th at the Seattle Center and these are just a few of the highlights.....

Us nomming on one of the many ice cream samples....
Our first stop was Harbor Creek Farms which has a delicious mushroom strudel and a cranberry horserasdish relish/chutney/spread that we really liked. This was a brand we hadn't seen anywhere before, but hopefully becomes available soon!

The most epic of Vegfest booths, Field Roast. They used their meatloaf to make sloppy joes, tacos, and sliders depending on what time you stopped at the stand.

The lovely volunteers who dished us up our Field Roast. Field Roast is seriously amazing and our favorite store-bought "meat" product out there. Try the chipotle sausages if you haven't already!

Native Kjalli's sauces were amazing. We especially liked the Roasted Mole sauce. The Coconut Ginger and Peanut Sauces were good as well, but a little too similar to homemade versions we already make.

Two Leaves and a Bud Tea Company. Not only was this lady super friendly, but her tea was super delicious. We are both tea drinkers and were very impressed. Tea-rrific if you will.

Dave's Killer Bread. Becca finally got to try the SinDawg bread which is basically a giant cinnamon roll with seeds on the outside. Which means it's healthy. That's Dave there with his back to us with the flowing silver locks. Their bread is seriously the shit. And every kind is vegan!

The Sea Salt Superstore in Lynnwood was here with every flavor of salt you could think of and a bunch you would never think of.

Mighty O Donuts. The holy grail of VegFest. We missed this the first walk through and began to panic. Fortunately, we eventually found it because those sneaky donut devils were hiding right in the very front. Which we missed when we walked in because we may have still been a little drunk from the night before. Oops. Anyway, long story short we heart Mighty O mucho. Thanks for letting us take way more than our share of samples. By us I mean Becca.

Viana, a German company, is going to start popping up in the US.  We tried chicken nuggets, chicken filets, cowgirl steaks, and a few other things. It seemed like a really good product that you could season yourself and use in lots of different recipes.

Us getting excited about our awesome goody bags that we got by renewing our Vegetarians of Washington memberships. For only $20 you get a years subscription to Vegetarian times, a buttload of coupons, and this giant bag filled with nomnoms. I'm talking two loaves of bread, tofu, kombucha, tea, and a bunch of other snacks that were worth more than twenty bucks on their own. My bag had double of everything on accident so double win for me, suckers. We also got Lucy's cookies which neither of us had tried yet. We got the sugar cookies and oatmeal cookies and they were both delicious. Lucy's cookies are all vegan and I think gluten-free too and are available at Starbuck's!

So we tried this almond, rice, agave ice cream made by Heaven Sent and it was really good. BUT their logo and label is the biggest hippiefest pastel rainbow gay pride parade ridiculousness ever. I think it's also a christian brand or something too, which adds to the weirdness. SO. Good ice cream, but we had to make fun of it obviously. As you can see, the sunflowers had moustaches. Because I always associate my vegan desserts with sunflowers and moustaches.

So that was VegFest in a nutshell. I'll go ahead and list some of the other products we really liked that we didn't manage to get pictures of. This year I just brought a notebook to write down all of our favorites in so I didn't end up with a zillion little business cards and fliers.

Punjab Snacks
Caravel Gourmet-salts and spices (at Sea Salt Superstore)
Sheffa snack mixes
Marilyn's nut butters (the pistachio with fennel was especially good)
Alter Eco quinoa chocolate bars
Viovi blood orange juice
Truitt Brothers vegan chili
Moo Moo's vegetarian cuisine

So all in all, a super fun day. Although we were totally disappointed with the lack of vegan cheese. No Sheese, Cheezly, Daiya, or Teese. WTF. We were really hoping for the new Tofurky Daiya frozen pizza. There seemed to be overkill on drinks and snack mixes. So next year I propose VegancheeseFest unless VegFest decides to step up their game.

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  1. How do I find you to send an appropriate "thank you" for your generous review of our Heaven Sent Almond, Rice & Agave Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert @ Expo West. We are sooo grateful. BIG Hug!!! Amber